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So... this is the part where I tell you about myself and the purposes of this website... I can tell you that I was born in Chile and for the last four years I have been living in the UK where I intend to live permanently. I am a graduated teacher of English, working towards becoming a teacher of Spanish, a self-taught designer, artist and craftsman.

I spend most of my spare time trying to be creative, using recycled materials to create my 'Eco-Crafts' or producing short films and other videos. In the last few years I have been creating Collage posters using pieces of paper from old magazines, Papier Mâché figurines and Christmas decorations.

The purpose of this website is to share and promote my Art-work, which can be found in this website or through these social networks.

Art-work and Crafts made up with recycled materials...
Have a look at the new online shop, there you can browse my collage collection and the whole range of papier Mache figurines and Christmas Decorations,
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Mique Films

Short films, Documentaries, tribute videos and sometimes just some nonsense stuff...

This is one of my oldest ‘Boredom killing’ projects, and despite being an amateur and using very basic techniques in the production of these videos, I am very proud of them...
do you wanna know why?...
well... have a look

A Great Idea!

Would you marry Mi-que...

Efrén's 33



Farewell FLAS 09/10

The Piggott Team

The Fig Tree

Mision Los Aromos

My Best Friend

Images from Chiloé

Pamela in Concepción

The Abucasems

Non stop Dancing with Cesar

Farewell Eli

The Mutant Rat

Jane Eyre
One of the things I enjoy the most, even before the smart-phone and Instagram era, is going around, exploring places with my camera, always ready to capture a special moment... It may be the colours in the sky, changing as the sun goes away, the contrast of the light, nature or maybe just the smile of someone passing by...

Here I share with you some of my photos hoping you may enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them...
And maybe, if you need a photographer for a special day in the Thanet-Canterbury area, I might be of help... Just ask me ;)
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